For teachers

Darts Maths foremost targets pupils of classes from 1-4. Although as the programme is customizable on a high degree, it can be used from the age of 4 even throughout adulthood. Provides support in particular for schools thanks to its user-friendly surface, students can learn playfully, which redounds the easier affiliation of mathematics to children.

In lower grades Darts Maths effectively helps to acquire basic mathematical knowledge not only in lower local values of digits but also with bigger numbers. Outstanding in developing abilities, since children do not calculate plain equations but are made to think in a practical way while solving problems. The problems and exercises in different difficulty levels provides the opportunity of improvement and education for children in different developmental stages and closely following their results, which is particularly important for this age group.

For upper grade students it can also serve as a mean for improving their skills. Furthermore, develops their existing knowledge and puts that into a practical environment. Thanks to that not only their mathematical knowledge is getting better but at the same time they get a new perspective of problems and by that their logical thinking and intellect hit new heights. The difficulty levels and complexion of the programme can be set according to the children’s needs and their individual developing rhythm, which makes unique and customized education and development possible.

Darts Maths can provide help for high-school students who struggle with attention-deficit or calculating in their heads means a problem and wish to improve these skills.

What does the programme contains?

  • 6 different problem types, each with infinite setting options
  • Infinite number of chances for practicing
  • Classroom management function: easier preparation for teachers
  • Creating papers: option for pre-prepared papers, even for deadline
  • Individual practice: children can solve exercises on their own devices

Schools and teachers

The PISA reports of the last few years show that the level of basic mathematical knowledge of students is low and stagnates or decreases from year to year in most of the OECD countries and in Hungary.

PISA report

Improves the mathematical skills of students joyfully and interactively, in a practical and stress-free learning environment. Its biggest advantage is being entertaining, so holds children’s attention effectively.

This model does not include any kind of evaluation therefore it does not differentiate, everyone can use it according to their own abilities. Suitable for using with children dealing with concentration-deficit, dyscalculia or with special educational needs.

Its level of customizability is inimitable on the market. Exercises can be started in numerous different ways thanks to the settings options, making it adaptive to various difficulty levels.

Besides its main aim, which is developing basic mathematical skills, it improves hand-eye condonation, has a supporting attitude towards concentration even with children dealing with concentration-deficit thanks to its interactive nature.

The programme is applicable in many ways. It provides solution for efficient use of interactive and digital classroom devices, at the same time teaching students about the right and valuable usage of digital devices in a controlled environment.

Can be used on interactive board, interactive projector, PC, tablet, laptop and we offer solutions for all of operating systems.

This programme is constructed in a way that it can be built into the national educational curriculum.

For schools, the software is available with an institutional license. From 1 month period up until 1 year it is available for purchase.

In case of any questions, please write us or find us for customized offer.

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