The Story of Darts Maths

The Darts Maths has been created by Pál “Blade” Székely in 2015. His professional darts player career and experiences as a mathematics teacher served as inspiration for the project. One of the main motivational factors was to find a suitable and modern solution for the decreasing tendencies of the PISA test results, which appear not only nationally but on an international level, as the same tendency can be observed in most of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. Thanks to him, many schools and institutions have already been using the programme in Hungary and also in many foreign countries.

2018 meant a new chapter for Darts Maths. Teaming up with The Path Sportmanagement firm and with the help of high venture capital company: Hiventures the basic version of the programme evolved into a new visual aspect and concept. Darts Maths Ltd. was established making it possible to operate alongside a planned business model, now running with new design and functions.

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